Beta releases of CraftOS-PC for Windows/Android

Android Builds

These are builds of CraftOS-PC for Android that have been released as betas. These may be buggy - use at your own risk.

Windows Builds (Old)

As of September 7, 2021, nightly builds are discontinued in favor of CI artifacts. To get the latest build, download it directly here; or go to the GitHub Actions page, click on the latest commit, and download the ZIP under Artifacts.

Warning: These are experimental and may not work correctly. The files are available as the raw binary; installer & ROM not included. To use them, just drop the executable in the same directory as your standard CraftOS-PC installation. Nightly builds are built with console support - they're equivalent to CraftOS-PC_console.exe.

The files below are listed by build date from latest to earliest. If a build is missing for a day, that means no changes were made since the last build.