Getting Started

CraftOS-PC Accelerated

CraftOS-PC Accelerated is a fork of CraftOS-PC that replaces the standard Lua interpreter with the LuaJIT interpreter. LuaJIT is a special implementation of Lua that compiles Lua scripts directly to machine code, rather than to Lua bytecode. This allows it to run over 30x faster than standard CraftOS-PC in some scenarios. However, there are various differences in LuaJIT that break compatibility with ComputerCraft. If a program is not functioning correctly in CraftOS-PC Accelerated, please use it in standard CraftOS-PC instead.


  • Much faster than standard CraftOS-PC
  • Support for calling C from Lua via the ffi library


  • More likely for bugs to exist
  • Lacks some features from Cobalt and normal CraftOS-PC
  • Compatibility is not guaranteed


CraftOS-PC Accelerated can be downloaded from the GitHub releases page. It can be installed alongside CraftOS-PC if desired. See Installation for more details on installing.