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CC: Tweaked Features

CraftOS-PC emulates all of the features available in CC: Tweaked. CraftOS-PC v2.7 is verified to have feature parity with CC:T 1.100.9, and passes all tests used by CC: Tweaked. As of CraftOS-PC v2.5, the CC:T ROM files are used instead of the ComputerCraft 1.8 files, further enhancing compatibility and support. Here are some of the features that have been ported to CraftOS-PC:

  • WebSocket support
  • monitor.getTextScale() method
  • "wget" extensions
  • Bytecode loading in load() function (requires debug_enable)
  • Automatic HTTPS redirecting
  • term.nativePaletteColor() function
  • colors.rgb8() split into colors.packRGB() and colors.unpackRGB()
  • Multishell tab scrolling
  • Warnings & URL support in "pastebin"
  • os.time()/ arguments are case-insensitive
  • methods
  • Improved IO library
  • New Lua 5.3 features
    • __len metamethod for tables
    • Strings accept \xNN, \u{NNN}, and \z escape codes
    • Added utf8 library
    • Added base argument to math.log
  • fs.attributes and fs.getCapacity functions
  • websocket.receive accepts timeout argument
  • New pretty printer module
  • Add peripheral.getName - returns the name of a wrapped peripheral.
  • The Lua REPL warns when declaring locals
  • Add fs.isDriveRoot - checks if a path is the root of a drive.
  • Move the shell's require/package implementation to a separate cc.require module.
  • Add getter for window visibility (devomaa)
  • Use term.blit to draw boxes in paintutils (Lemmmy).
  • Fix several programs using their original name instead of aliases in usage hints (Lupus590).

Programs that use CC: Tweaked features should work well on CraftOS-PC.