Getting Started

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CraftOS-PC includes an automatic updater that runs on start.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows
  • macOS

When a new update is available, a window will appear looking something like this:


  • Clicking "Update Now" will download and install the update immediately.
  • Clicking "Ask Me Later" will not update now, but it will prompt you on the next launch.
  • Clicking "More Options..." will show an additional window with the following choices:
    • Clicking "Update On Quit" will queue the update to install once you quit CraftOS-PC.
    • Clicking "Skip This Version" will tell CraftOS-PC to skip updates for this version.
    • Clicking "View Release Notes" will open a window with the changelog for the new version.

Update procedure

  • On macOS, a window will appear showing that the update is being downloaded. Once it finishes, CraftOS-PC will relaunch to the new version.
  • On Windows, the terminal will freeze while the update downloads. Once it finishes, the installer will run automatically (asking for Administrator privileges) and CraftOS-PC will relaunch once it's done.

On unsupported systems

On systems that do not support automatic updates (e.g. Linux), the auto-updater dialog will still appear but it will not have any option to update. Instead, it will direct you to download the new version manually from GitHub. You can still view the release notes even if automatic updating is not available.